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Devolver Digital deals with fake games journos in the best possible way

When a fake games journo wants codes for your game, this is what you should do.

Devolver Digital received a totally legitimate request for Enter the Gungeon codes from a gentleman signing off as a reviewer at PC Gamer.

Being an accommodating sort, Fork Parker obliged by sending two codes over, writing, "hope you think it's better than a 7.8!" which of course, was the score that the actual PC Gamer gave the title.

If the guy hadn't already figured out that he'd been busted, the codes he received should've tipped him off.

The same jammy gits also contacted Craig Pearson asking for Rust codes, but as he pointed out in a tweet, the disclaimer at the bottom of their email reads, " has no affiliation with any other company and represents a PCGamer that does reviews and previews."

This is slipped in towards the end of a lengthy torrent of information about Future plc and PC Gamer, so it's not as if they're trying to be up front about it.

It goes without saying that there is no 'other' PCGamer doing reviews and previews, and that they're just playing silly buggers.

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