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Believe it or not, there's a new Devil May Cry game launching in January

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is launcing worldwide in January, as the monkey's paw clenches a finger.

Vergil key art from Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat
Image credit: Capcom / Nebula Joy

A new Devil May Cry game is launching in January 2024. Surely all your dreams have been answered, you fans of stylish action games. However, as the monkey paw tightly clenches a finger closed, it's worth knowing that Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is a mobile game with gacha elements.

Originally launching in China some time ago, the game is finally coming to the rest of the world on January 10. Co-developed by Capcom and Nebula Joy, the game features all your favourite Devil May Cry characters as they hack and slash through demons as you'd expect. Just with a bunch of in-game currencies, of course.

Just becuase it's got controversial monetization doesn't mean the game isn't popular, though. Already, it has over one million pre-registered players waiting for the launch, as displayed proudly on the game's official website. Passing this milestone has netted the day zero community some nice pre-register rewards, so if you can stomach this kind of thing, it might be worth putting your name down ahead of the 2024 release date.

But what else do we know about this Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat? Well, thanks to Appmagic we have an idea of how well it performed during its initial Chinese release. The game has reportedly brought in more than five million dollars in its lifetime, although GameWorldObserver notes that revenue dropped drastically following launch.

It's also worth establishing that this was before the game's version 2.0 overhaul, which saw the developers re-approaching various elements of the game to make it more appealing. This included more content over time, which a new wave of players should be able to jump into relatively quickly. So who knows, maybe this second release for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat will perform a tad better.

I mean, look. Obviously this may not be the big release that Devil May Cry fans want in their hearts. But, it looks like Capcom at least is doing well out of the IP deals they've been striking with gacha devs. Take the Crunchyroll Games-developed Street Fighter Dual. That's a game with horrendous microtransactions across the board, but was still able to pull in over twenty million in the US alone since it's launch in February. Love it or hate it, there are people who will spend big on Capcom's IP.

Will you be trying Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat out, or is it all a little too gross for you? I probably won't touch it, but it'll be interesting to see how it performs come its release date in January.

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