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Deus Ex: The Fall is 6 hours long, has in-app purchases, new trailer & screens inside

Deus Ex: The Fall is part of a new off-shoot series from the core brand, is 6 hours long and will offer a raft of in-app purchases on iOS devices, a new preview has stated.

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Eurogamer explained that The Fall is being co-developed by N-Fusion and Eidos Montreal and can be bought for a one-off fee. However, should you wish to invest more, there are in-app purchases.

When asked why Eidos Montreal opted for the iOS route, producer James Wright tod the site "Primarily the reason was that we really wanted to expand the Deus Ex universe, and have the experience not just for the core gamers, but to let other types of gamers have that experience as well.

"It is a true Deus Ex experience - it does contain action, stealth, hacking, social interaction, choice in gameplay and consequence. It's a game very much that our fanbase and our core gamers will still enjoy, despite the platform."

The game is out this summer and you can read up more on the main character, plot and the world in our reveal piece here.

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