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Destiny Year Two Moments of Triumph uncovered - rumour

Prove your worth with a set of arbitrary tasks - again!

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Destiny Year Two Moments of Triumph uncovered - rumour


Alex fills us in on the rumours.

Original Story

Destiny looks set to challenge players to a gauntlet of endgame tasks ahead of the launch of Rise of Iron, which kicks off Year Three.

Back when The Taken King was announced, Bungie opened a scheme called Moments of Triumph. By completing each moment, players were able to earn an exclusive emblem.

I didn't think much of this the first time (although I earned it, thanks to a bug in Bungie's systems) but it looks like it's back again with a different selection of activities. According to Redditor vivekhnz, the Destiny API has been updated with a list of Moments of Triumph:

  • Challenge of the Elders: Complete an Elder's Sigil scorecard in the Prison of Elders.
  • The Play's the Thing: Complete the Taken King main questline, culminating in "Regicide".
  • The Third Element: Equip a fully leveled Year Two subclass on any character.
  • This is Amazing: Complete the Crucible questline culminating in "The Mountaintop."
  • Eris Morn's Revenge: Collect all 50 Calcified Fragments
  • A Blade Reborn: Complete any of the Exotic sword quests from Shaxx
  • Return to the Reef: Complete the April quests "At the Gates" and "Return to the Prison"
  • The Sword Logic: Defeat Oryx in the King's Fall Raid on Hard difficulty

Of these, the Challenge of the Elders and the Raid may seem the most daunting if you don't have friends who play regularly - but I'd suggest getting onto The100 and seeking a sherpa to get you through lickety-split.

For me the biggest worry is the Crucible questline. I'm fairly certain I've attempted and abandoned that three or four times so far. I'd get started with this right now if you haven't yet; speak to Shaxx and check the quests terminal in the Vanguard chambers and get a move on, as you'll need to finish ten separate quests, each with multiple objectives, to complete it.

None of this has been published on yet, so it's subject to change and may of course be total nonsense. Assuming it is real, let's hope the reward is better than last year's - although as pathetic as it sounds the journey really is the reward.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases in September on PS4 and Xbox One. It is not coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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