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Destiny Xur update: should you buy Zhalo Supercell?

Xur is selling a pretty special Taken King primary auto rifle this weekend. Is it any good?


Zhalo Supercell is the primary auto rifle Xur will sell you this weekend for 23 Strange Coins. Zhalo is among the many Exotic weapons that got added with The Taken King expansion, but it's not just any primary.

Zhalo Supercell is among the few Exotics with elemental properties. In fact, it's the only primary weapon with elemental powers right now. In PvE, Its Arc chains nearby enemies together, doing great damage. This works very well when you're up against large groups of smaller enemies, not mention whenever Arc Burn is active on Nightfalls and so on.

Getting double kills with Zhalo Supercell (something you'll do plenty of), recharges your Super energy by a small amount every time you do so, thanks to the Bolts from the Blue perk.

In PvP it's not as great, so don't be thinking you'll be wrecking fools in Trials of Osiris with it. It's pretty fun to use, and among the most interesting-looking weapons in the game. Zhalo also has two Ornaments you can equip for it that change its appearance drastically, and Xur is even selling one of them this week.

This article was originally published in January.

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