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Destiny: The Taken King's new Raid beaten in seven hours

Destiny's latest Raid had been beaten after opening yesterday, with one member of the team having prepped for 50 hours since Tuesday.


The King's Fall Raid has fallen, as expected, on the day it opened to the public.

The new team challenge, only the third released for Destiny, was added as part of The Taken King. The expansion went live on Tuesday.

The following team was the first through in around seven hours.

One of the winning group, streamer Gothalion, gave insight as to the level of dedication required to be first past the post on this type of encounter.

King's Fall is already being heralded as a true successor to Vault of Glass, the first raid included in Destiny's initial year. We played through as much as possible last night, and it really does appear to be a return to form after the questionable Crota's End.

We'll have a full guide up as soon as we're able.

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