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Destiny: Rise of Iron new Crucible map Dead Ghosts locations - visual guide

Destiny: Rise of Iron boasts 27 new Dead Ghosts, scattered around Crucible maps. Here's how to find each and every one.


Destiny: Rise of Iron introduces a stack of new Dead Ghosts, including a batch of new Crucible map Dead Ghosts you can dive into right now. Let's track 'em down.

Arekkz has already coughed up a handy video guide to Destiny: Rise of Iron's new Crucible map Dead Ghosts - but maybe you prefer screenshots and texts you can scroll through instead.

The Crucible map dead Ghosts are presented here in the order you'll see them if you're browsing in Destiny: Rise of Iron's private match menu. Private matches are a great way to get in and grab the Dead Ghost you want without being shot, and if you've got the patience, you can work your way through the whole list picking them all up instead of hoping the playlist throws up the map you're waiting on. We've used Control zone names as a guide in some of the images and text here, so that's the mode of choice for Crucible map Dead Ghost hunting.

Anomaly Dead Ghost

From C zone, look to the outside edge of the map to spot an orange crate. The Dead Ghost is tucked behind this crate.



Asylum Dead Ghost

From C zone, look for a blue billboard at the end of a corridor. The Dead Ghost is in some long grass at the base of the billboard, to your right as you face it.



Bannerfall Dead Ghost

Look for the elevated walkway running from C zone to some rooms on the opposite side of the map from the lovely view (slash deadly drop). The Dead Ghost is inside the first room at the end of this walkway, on a desk with some devices.



Bastion Dead Ghost

Run from B to C through a stone arch so that you have this view of the turret, tree and structure. The Dead Ghost is in some rocks to your right, at the base of the arch, on the C zone side.



Black Shield Dead Ghost

Start at C zone and face the central structure (the death trap with three doors). Turn left to travel clockwise around the map but hug the right wall so you can immediately turn into the tunnels. The Dead Ghost will be on your left soon after you enter.



Blind Watch Dead Ghost

Near A zone and the big spinny thing you'll see the pictured structure. The Dead Ghost is in the open area beneath it beneath it.



Burning Shrine Dead Ghost

On the sun side of the map, look for these rocks (line it up with the view behind for best results). The Dead Ghost is just behind the rock indicated with an arrow. It's out of bounds, so be quick or you'll die.



Cathedral of Dusk Dead Ghost

Find the pictured shrine; if you run around the corridors near B zone you'll soon find it. Once you're standing in front of it, just turn all the way around and look behind you to see the Dead Ghost in some rubble near the Special Ammo crate.



The Cauldron Dead Ghost

Enter the central room and line yourself up so you're facing across B zone to the doors pictured here. Hop off the platform to your right; the Dead Ghost is on the floor near the tunnel leading under the platform you were standing on.



Crossroads Dead Ghost

Stand at B zone with your back to the crevasse. Run past the tree on its left hand side and you'll come to a portal. The Dead Ghost is at the base of the portal, to the left as you face it.



The Drifter Dead Ghost

Head to B zone and stand with space on your left and the bulk of the map on your right. The Dead Ghost is tucked just to the left of the stairs ahead.



The Dungeons Dead Ghost

Start from A zone and run anti-clockwise around the map, sticking to the right hand wall. Stop when you reach this Special Ammo crate; the Dead Ghost is sitting against the nearby wall where the cable disappears into the floor.



Exodus Blue Dead Ghost

With B zone at your back and A zone on your left, you should see the pictured door. Run in and immediately look right to find the Dead Ghost.



Firebase Delphi Dead Ghost

From C zone, head through the pictured doorway. Run right to the end and turn right to entre a storage room. The Dead Ghost is among the gear here.



First Light Dead Ghost

Start at C zone and head towards the central dome, skirting the structure until you see these crates. The Dead Ghost is just on the other side of them.



Frontier Dead Ghost

Go to the external Heavy Ammo crate; it's closest to A zone. Look towards A zone and pan around until you spot this stupid bush. The Dead Ghost is in this stupid bush.



Memento Dead Ghost

Run down the central lane until you spot this rusted red van. Turn into the buildings and look right to spot the Dead Ghost in a side corridor.



Pantheon Dead Ghost

Start at B zone and run towards and past A zone, continuing past it on the right side to hug the righthand edge of the map. The Dead Ghost is right at the far end of the map, down a short flight of stairs.



Rusted Lands Dead Ghost

A doozy. Look for the pictured wall near the Special Ammo crate at B zone. You need to jump up and over the wall to find the Dead Ghost against its base on the other side. This is out of bounds and it's impossible to take a useful screenshot due to the tight time constraint, so the second shot shows its approximate location when viewed through the gaps in the wall. May take a few tries.



Sector 618 Dead Ghost

PlayStation exclusive. Look for this unattached platform between the two crate-covered lanes joining the two sides of the map. The Dead Ghost is at the base of the tank or whatever it is here.



Shores of Time Dead Ghost

You know that dank, shotgunner-friendly tunnel near B-zone? It makes a vague T shape. Stand at the bottom of the T, enter and turn left. Come out the other end and search behind the crate-like structure for the Dead Ghost.



Skyshock Dead Ghost

Look for the plane broken into multiple parts on the ocean side of the map. The Dead Ghost is in some grass near the entrance to the tail section.



Thieves' Den Dead Ghost

There's a dead Walker (tank) at A zone. Look in the piles of gold behind it to find the Dead Ghost.



The Timekeeper Dead Ghost

Stand at A zone and look for the pictured pillar. Jump up onto the ledge to find the Dead Ghost.



Twilight Gap Dead Ghost

Right smack in the middle of the three zones is a room with a lone crate in it, under a spotlight. If you enter through the pictured door, the Dead Ghost is on the right side of the crate.



Vertigo Dead Ghost

Start at B zone. Put your back to the long, downwards-leading corridor, and turn right. Hug the right wall and find the Dead Ghost just around the corner at the first little flight of stairs.



Widow's Court Dead Ghost

Start at C zone and head towards A zone. Instead of going straight up the stairs, look at the building on your right; if you trot around it on the C zone side you'll find you can jump up and into it to grab the Dead Ghost from the rubble.


destiny_rise_of_iron_new_crucible_map_dead_ghosts_locations_visual_guide_widows_court_2 destiny_dead_ghost_locations

Hopefully this helped you track down all the new Crucible map Dead Ghosts in Destiny: Rise of Iron. If any of the directions are unclear or need further explanation, please let us know.

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