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Destiny: Rise of Iron armor sets were teased in that Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow video

Did you see those Iron Lord armor sets shown in the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow video? We didn't either. Thankfully, Arekkz did.

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With Destiny: Rise of Iron, Titans will be able to acquire a snazzy looking Iron Banner armor set, and the Iron Lord-ish set for Hunters is pretty fancy too.

Arekkz says the Titan armor shown in the video appears to be an Iron Banner set, due to the color scheme. The pauldrons sport the face of a wolf which is also indicative of Iron Banner and on the body set, there's also a wolf present.

Again, the Titan set appears to be related to what is earned through Iron Banner events, but since Bungie hasn't provided information on this set, it's all just a guess. But with most Iron Lord gear shown so far displaying a different "coat of arms" if you will, the best guess now is Iron Banner for this set.

The Hunter gear shown in the video with the silver tree on the shoulders is similar to Iron Banner gear, but the cape being worn shows the symbol of the Iron Lords.

However these new gears sets are acquired in Destiny: Rise of Iron remains to be seen, but nonetheless they look cool and were worth a quick look.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will require players to own The Taken King, and will run you $30 for Xbox One and PS4 when it releases on September 20.

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