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See all 14 new emotes coming in Destiny December patch - video

Destiny players will soon have new ways to express their feelings.

When Destiny is patched this week, the Eververse Trading Company will have new stock.

MesaSean managed to get a look at the new inventory at PlayStation Experience, and took footage of 14 new emotes which will be added to the game very soon, although it's not clear if they'll be available as soon as the patch drops or at a later date - perhaps after the Sparrow Racing League event concludes.

Take a look below. You'll see Victory Wave, Air Guitar, Jump On It, Bow Down, Jazz Hands, Face Palm, Laugh, Coin Flip, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Clap, Sad, Yawn and Frustrated.

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We expect most of these emotes to be premium items purchased with Silver, which means you'll need to pay real money to acquire them. It's possible some may be limited-time offers or rewards, though. Now, if we could only equip more than one at a time...

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