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Destiny player shows you how to solo Oryx in Hard Mode

If you've wanted to tray and kill Oryx in Hard Mode all by your lonesome, this Destiny player has accomplished the task and recorded it for posterity.


Destiny player shows you how to solo Oryx in Hard Mode

In the video below, Esoterickk performs the first solo kill of Oryx in Hard Mode.

This was apparently something which could not be accomplished before the April update was applied. Now, a 335 Sleeper can stagger Oryx in Hard Mode which makes a solo kill possible.

According to Esoterickk, he used the double Fusion Grenade and the Firebolt/Sleeper shot, the latter of which made it easier to "group the Ogres" for a four stack.

Speed is the main strategy, as the knights spawn rather fast and there is only a small window in which to get the bombs off. Trying this solo will also require additional Primary shots to bring the Ogres health down enough when sing the Fusion Grenade strategy.

"It was a difficult challenge," he said. "I spent 20-25 hours working on this over the last week. Definitely a big step up from normal mode. Also to note, I had a closed chest for this and managed to kill it without an immune. I pre-charged and went as close to the edge as possible, aiming towards the top of him."

Esoterickk goes into more detail on his strategy in a reddit post, and lists the following requirements which need to be met in order to best Oryx solo.

  • 335 Sleeper Simulant
  • A 333-335 Warlock
  • 333-335 1000 Yard Stare with Triple Tap
  • Starfire Protocol Chest (for extra Special Ammo, and if you're using the Fusion Grenade Strategy especially)
  • Increased Sniper Ammo Boots
  • Increased Sniper Reload Speed Gloves

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