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Destiny guide: how to choose the best Faction

Here's how to earn Reputation and Crucible Marks for your chosen Faction.

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Destiny guide: how to choose the best faction

You've already chosen your class at the beginning of Destiny, but when you arrive at level 20 you have a choice of joining three different factions - a decision that shouldn't be considered lightly.

What are the Factions in Destiny?

The three Factions in Destiny have different ideals and but more importantly for you, provide alternative weapons and armour. Each Faction specialises in two of the three main attributes - Intellect, Discipline and Strength) so you will want to choose the Faction that compliments your style of play and class of choice. This isn't a decision that's set in stone, and you are able to switch Factions during the game.

Future War Cult: As the name suggests, this Faction isn't afraid of a fight. They believe the Darkness cannot be avoided. In the Tower you'll find FWC rep Lakshmi-2, selling weapons and armour that specialises in Intellect and Discipline.

To that effect, armour bought from the FWC will reduce the cool down for both grenades and your Super Ability.

Dead Orbit: Dead Orbit have given up on the Traveler and intend to escape the Earth before The Darkness returns. Arach Jalaal is the representative in the Tower and he sells weapons and armour focused on Discipline and Strength.

Choose to represent Dead Orbit if you want your melee and grenades to cool down quicker, but be aware there's no bonus for the Super Ability at all.

New Monarchy: Friends with the royal family, the New Monarchy believe in bringing back the golden age. They are represented in the Tower by Executor Hideo, who sells weapons and armour that boosts Intellect and Strength.

Choose this Faction if you want quicker cool down on Melee and Supers.

Where can I find Factions?

Dead Orbit and Future War Cult are in the Tower Hanger. The New Monarchy can be found in the Tower North. All are easy to find with the map.

What Faction should I choose?

This depends on your style of play, but fortunately by the time you're at level 20 you should be comfortable with the game and your abilities to make the decision fairly easy. But here's a handy list of how attributes affect gameplay, weapons and abilities:

Future War Cult - Intellect (Super) and Discipline (Grenade).

Dead Orbit - Discipline (Grenade) and Strength (Melee).

New Monarchy - Intellect (Super) and Strength (Melee).

Intellect - Reduces cool down of your Super ability.

Discipline - Reduces cool down of your Grenade.

Strength - Reduces cool down of your Melee.

How do I buy weapons and armour from Factions?

You will need to earn Reputation for your choice of Faction, and Crucible Marks to use as currency.

Whenever you have your chosen Faction's bond, badge or cloak equipped the Vanguard and Crucible Reputation you earn will be converted to Reputation for that Faction.

In order to buy gear from the Faction, you need to earn that Faction's Reputation as well as use Crucible Marks as currency. So for example, if you want a Legendary Weapon that's Rank 2 with the FWC, you'll have to play Crucible and complete Strikes in the Vanguard playlist.

For the Crucible Marks, they're only earned by competing in the Crucible, which is the PvP part of Destiny. All of this has to be done by wearing/equipping your Hunter cloak, Titan badge or Warlock bond, which you buy from the Faction's rep in the Tower. If it's not equipped at the time, your Vanguard Reputation will not be converted into Faction Reputation.

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