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Destiny 2 PC update coming today, removes SSSE3 processor requirement

Bungie is releasing a small hotfix for Destiny 2 on PC today to take care of an issue affecting players on the lower-end.

The patch is PC-specific for Destiny, and won't be preceded by any server maintenance. The hotfix, version, will be released at 1am PT, 4am ET, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET.

It fixes the SSSE3 requirement issue that prevented players whose CPUs do not support the feature from being able to play the game. After the patch, even those with non-SSSE3-enabled CPUs will be able to play.

The issue got so big at one point Bungie add it to the list of PC known issues, despite said CPUs falling below the game's minimum spec. As for the hotfix, the game will automatically return you to the character screen once it's released.


This shouldn't interrupt whatever you were doing, but you may need to restart Destiny 2 once you're notified. If you get error code Sheep, it means someone you're trying to form a fireteam with didn't get the patch.

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