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Attention Destiny 2 players - start using up your Gunsmith parts right now!

It has been announced ahead of Bungie's weekly blog that the Gunsmith is undergoing some changes, so burn through those gun parts while you can!

Heads up Destiny 2 players, especially those with hundreds of thousands of gun parts lying around. A new change to the Gunsmith has been teased ahead of Bungie’s weekly blog post, alongside the eventual removal of gun parts, so now’s the time to head to The Tower and trade them in for some new guns.

The tease in question comes from a tweet from the senior community manager at Bungie, Dylan Gafner (linked below), which listed out the major points of discussion we’ll be seeing in this week’s blog post. All of them are substantial, such as information on power levels and the next raid release date, but it was the call to action in regard to Gunsmith mats that has caught the eye of the community at large.

For those not in the know, Gunsmith materials (also known as Gunsmith mats) are acquired anytime you disassemble a weapon in Destiny 2. As a game filled with loads of loot and weapons thrown at players long after they’ve picked up exceptional weapons they have little intention of replacing, the majority of guns you pick up ae usually taken apart. This in turn results in heaps of Gunsmith mats.

While you can turn these to the Gunsmith for weapon Engrams, and maybe a weapon with pretty good perks, they typically are provided at a power level far below the current cap. As such, many players have allowed these materials to pile up over time.

As a result of this little tease, players have flocked to the Destiny 2 subreddit to showcase the mountain of Gunsmith mats they’re now attempting to burn through, before they are phased out forever. One such user, CalmPilot101, has shown off a whopping 106,926 gun parts they’ll need to work through, alongside 733 other consumables that’ll provide a further boost of Gunsmith reputation. It’s fair to say players like CalmPilot101 will be handing in their mats for some time.

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If you can’t tell by the fact that players were allowing this resource to pile up into the hundreds of thousands, this is a much needed change. While it is a pain to log in and have to chew through all of these materials, it’s worth it if we’re to receive a system that proves far more relevant at later stages in the game. One note for those looking to do this, be sure to check the guns you get from the Gunsmith in return for all these mats. You may earn yourself a weapon with the ideal traits.

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