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Deep Silver has got a "major announcement" planned for E3 2016

What could it be?

deep silver metro redux

In an interview with MCV, Deep Silver CEO and founder Klemens Kundratitz has teased a big E3 reveal this summer.

"We have a lot of games in the pipeline and are very much looking forward to E3, where we are not going to be absent and where we will make our next major announcement.”

As well as the Dead Island franchise, the company secured a couple of other big IPs from THQ when they went bankrupt, including Saints Row and Metro, but we haven't seen much from them since the launch of the present generation of consoles.

They're making up for lost time though, what with working on Homefront: The Revolution, and a new Dead Island title , as well as Mighty No.9.

With a growing collection of IPs under their belt, what could possibly be in store at E3? We haven't had a new Saint's Row title since 2013, but then the same could be said of Metro. It could be an entirely new IP altogether.

What's your money on? Let us know in the comments below.

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