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Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut website launched

US publisher Rising Star Games has opened a website for Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut, which arrives on PlayStation 3 in late April. That would normally be the end of the article, but fans probably want to check out the PR message below the cut.

Here's the blast we received in full:

"Well, good afternoon. How was your morning? Did you sleep well, Zach?"

"It was another beautifully brisk morning here in Greenvale. We got a much needed shower and shave in, slid into a freshly pressed suit, and we got to watch the sun break over the coniferous evergreen hills of this little country town. Ah, and can you smell that, Zach? Mmmm, freshly brewed coffee.

"Oh my, this coffee...this coffee is magnificent!

"Sorry, Zach, I got a little carried away. Now, back to the case at hand (we'll definitely have to talk to someone about that coffee though). It would appear that 'The Monarch' of Greenvale has supplied us with some new information that could lead to unlocking the happiness of our fans. You want that don't you, Zach? Good, me too. It looks as though the official site for Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut is now live!

"From the official site you can get detailed information on the game, see what's happening in the news, be granted access to the top-secret Greenvale Police Department media vault, and pre-order the game. Did you hear that, Zach, you can even pre-order the game before its release on the PlayStation 3 entertainment system and PlayStation Network towards the end of April.

"Life sure is beautiful, isn't it, Zach?"

"Come take a sip of this fresh brew, won't you, Zach?"

It's a good day to be repping Access Games' classic survival horror, now with overhauled controls, HD polished graphics, DLC, and new story content.

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