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Dead Rising 3 Smartglass has exclusive missions, character

Hook up your phone or tablet to Dead Rising 3 to get access to content not available to those single-screen plebs.

Speaking to Siliconera, Dead Rising 3 executive producer Josh Bridge confirmed the zombie title will take advantage of an upcoming version of SmartGlass.

"After you launch the app, it notices that Dead Rising is currently being played, press a button, and in kicks our phone. It actually skins your phone to be like the phone from the game’s universe," he said.

"You’ll get calls from a character that are only on the SmartGlass device. So if you don’t have SmartGlass, you won’t get those calls from that guy. Which also means you won’t get those missions."

While you'll have no problem finishing the game without SmartGlass, there's no way to access the extra material without a compatible device, which means one chnaracter and several missions are exclusive to the app.

"His storyline is his own. And it interweaves with the main storyline. Without it, you’re not losing out on what the story is. But you’re getting more out of the game," Bridge said.

The app also allows the player access to special bonuses like aerial strikes. When the player completes a mission, they'll earn codes for the app which can then be used to purchase these bonuses at their own discretion - although they do have a cool down period, so you can't just spam bombing runs to clear a space.

"And there’s no microstransactions at all. This is all within the game’s own ecosystem," Bridge added.

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive due in November.

Thanks, StrategyInformer.

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