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Dead Island: Riptide skipping Wii U due to current engine refinements

Dead Island: Riptide will not be released on Wii U because according to creative producer Alexander Toplansky, Techland would have to rebuild or port the engine.

Speaking in an interview with Digital Spy (via Polygon), Toplansky said while Wii U development hasn't been "categorically" ruled out in the future, the team wanted to instead refine the current engine for Riptide before tackling a new console.

"One of the opportunities we had for Riptide was to continue the development of the engine, and really improve it and make a lot of refinements," he said. "The things that are required to bring something to a new platform, you need to either really get to be integrating it deep into the engine, or you've got to [do] a port.

"Neither one of those was a satisfactory outcome for us, so we decided to do what we got platform-wise and just make sure that we can deliver the best experience we can."

Dead Island: Riptide releases April 23 in North American and on April 26 in Europe for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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