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Dead Island 2 is "still in the works" so "stay tuned," says THQ Nordic CEO

Dead Island 2 isn't dead.

THQ Nordic assured investors during its financial presentation yesterday Dead Island 2 was still in development.

Company CEO Lars Wingefors told investors it was still in active development, but wouldn't comment further. You can listen to his comments on the game at the 19 minute mark.

Dead Island 2 is one of 80 games in the works with the publisher - 48 of which have been announced.

Announced in 2014 during Sony's E3 press conference by Yager, it was slated for release in 2015. It made another appearance at EGX 2015, after which it seemed to drop off the face of the earth.

After a delay into 2016, publisher Deep Silver made the decision to "part ways" with Yager. THQ Nordic, Deep Silver's parent company, handed development over to LittleBigPlanet 3 and Sonic Racing dev Sumo Digital.

Yager filed for insolvency soon after over the game being pulled.

Then, all went quite with many believing the game had been cancelled. THQ assured folks continuously, even 11 months back, Dead Island 2 was still in the works.

Dead Island was originally developed by TechLand, which went its own way when its idea for zombie games evolved into the Dying Light series.

You can follow the whole tale though the links.

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