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Darkstalkers Resurrection character update, SFxTK Ver. 2013 balance changes noted

Street Fighter x Tekken and Darkstalkers Resurrection producer Tomoaki Ayano has posted a couple updates pertaining to both titles on Capcom Unity. The blog post highlights balance changes coming to SFxT such as Vega’s Bloody High Claw, Heihachi’s Heaven’s Wrath, and Yoshimitsu’s Sword Poke Whirlwind. More detailed updates on the changes will detailed next week or the week after. Over on the Darkstalkers Resurrection website, the character section has been updated with Bishamon, Lord Raptor, Sasquatch and Victor, with a rundown on all their special moves. It's in Japanese, but Google does a decent job of translating it, so feel free to click.

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