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Capcom is teasing some sort of retro-focused reveal for tomorrow

Capcom's US and UK social media accounts are teasing something new that will be revealed tomorrow, April 16.

Spotted on ResetEra, the Capcom US Facebook page and Capcom UK Twitter account both shared the "Here comes a new challenger" video below, which features a slew of games being played, with the gameplay being reflected off some very shiny and pristine arcade or controller buttons.

Taking a closer look at the final screen of the video, it mentions Alien vs. Predator, which you can see in the video, while other titles that have been identified include Darkstalkers, and Street Fighter 2.

All signs point to the possibility of a new collection of retro arcade games, or - based on the hardware being the most prominent aspect of the video - we might even see a mini console featuring classic arcade games.

With Nintendo's NES and SNES Classic Mini consoles being positively received, and Sega following suit with the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini launching on September 19, Capcom may well be itching to hop onto the nostalgia train with its own mini hardware. Capcom is also no stranger to console-based compilation re-releases, so this could be a collection for existing console hardware.

Either way, we'll find out tomorrow, April 16, at 7AM PT/ 10AM ET/ 3PM GMT/ 4PM CET.

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