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Darks Souls 2 guide: Crown of the Ivory King - third Knight of Eleum Loyce location

Find the third Knight to help you in your final boss battle.

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Darks Souls 2 guide: Crown of the Ivory King - third Knight of Eleum Loyce location

When you've killed the Frozen Warrior on the stairs go down and continue left. In the room on the left are a Frozen Warrior and two Frozen Soldiers. Once they're dealt with go to the balcony opposite to take the Priest's Chime +8. Now use a ranged weapon to kill the Frozen Soldier over the other side.

As you go down the far side of the room use ranged attacks to take down the Frozen Warrior and Frozen Soldier below. Use the ladder here to climb up and find two Elizabeth Mushrooms, then open the door which will create a shortcut for later.

Go back down the ladder and down the other ladder. Go down the third ladder and kill the Rampart Golem below you. It won't attack until you reach the floor.

Through the opening you'll see a balcony on the left. It has a Ring of Resistance +1 for you. Now go down the next ladder, where you will be attacked for four Frozen Hounds.

Once defeated go into the room they came out of to find a chest with three Wilted Duck Herbs. You'll be attacked by three more Hounds on the opposite side of the area, and once killed, you should move to the passage near the end on the right.

Outside, ignore the lift and go to the walkway which will prompt the dark spirit Castaway Witch Donna to invade. Fight the invader on the bridge and kill the Rampart Golem on the other side with ranged attacks.

When you open the gate here you'll find the third Knight of Eleum Loyce, who will teleport to the Cathedral.

Go back to the lift, which will take you to the place you found the Eye of the Priestess.

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