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Darkness II devs discuss how Vendettas co-op intertwines with the single-player campaign

A developer video for The Darkness II has been released by 2K, and in it, Sheldon Carter, Seth Olshfski and Mathieu Bérubé discuss how the Vendettas narrative co-op experience intertwines with the single-player campaign in the game.

According to the team, the biggest challenge with the co-op, was making sure that the characters were not only interesting, but that their stories meshed well with the variable themes prevalent in main narrative.

When the co-op campaign starts, Jackie's right-hand man Vinnie is asking a "motley group" of folks, and tasks them with searching for Johnny Powell - the fella who previous helped Jackie suppress The Darkness the first time out. This will provide the player with a "sprinkling" of what could be viewed as side missions for Jackie that the player "didn't do."

It all sounds like a very interesting take on co-op, and you can obtain more knowledge regarding the campaign below, as well as get a quick look at 2K's enviously swank offices in New York City.

The Darkness II is out next week on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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