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Dark Souls 3 runs at 900p on Xbox One, suffers stuttering

Dark Souls 3 is upscaled from 900p on Xbox One.

Eurogamer's Digital Foundry grabbed a copy of Dark Souls 3 via the Japanese Xbox marketplace and gave it a thorough testing.

The group was able to confirm that the hardcore RPG runs at native 900p, as opposed to the PS4's 1080p, and will therefore be upscaled on HD displays. In terms of frame rate there is some stuttering, with regular dips below the target of 30 FPS.

On the frame rate side it's possible we'll see similar performance from the PS4 build, since Dark Souls 3 uses the same engine as Sony exclusive Bloodborne, which wasn't perfectly solid. In general, Digital Foundry seems pretty pleased with the Xbox One version and comments that it looks very similar to the PS4 beta build despite the lower resolution.

Watch the full report below, and look out for further coverage as well as analysis of the PS4 and PC builds as we approach Dark Souls 3's April release.

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