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Dark Souls 3 PvP champ makes free-aim pyro look easy

Good with magic are you? Sure you are.

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Dark Souls 3 PvP champ makes free-aim pyro look easy

Dark Souls 3 YouTuber wktkAC4 trained hard to become a PvP pyromancer: 20,000 spells learning to free-aim.

It paid off. The video above (via Prime618 on Reddit) begins with the end of the training and moves on to a montage of terrific shots, with some cool-headed prediction of opponents' movement so that they end up rolling right into the splash zone.

About three minutes in, there's an extended engagement with a squad of four phantoms. A second invader joins the fun, but the battle is still very tense, and the host nearly gets away with it. But in the end, out firey friend is triumphant.

Free-aim magic isn't that uncommon; if you're going to use magic in PvP, it's pretty much mandatory. But magic has been nerfed a little since Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 (it used to be known as "easy mode") so putting it to use effectively really requires skills.

20,000 spells lobbed at a bonfire? That's certainly one way to hone your eye and your reflexes. For those of us not blessed with twitchy fingers, this is the sort of training necessary to git gud. Personally? I don't have the time, and happily cheesed my way through. But I really admire those who make the effort - or are born naturally talented.

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