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Dark Souls 3 poise stat "working as intended", apparently



Dark Souls 3 poise stat "working as intended", apparently

Dark Souls 3 developer From Software has finally spoken out on the subject of poise.

As you may recall, poise works very differently in Dark Souls 3 than in previous Dark Souls games. Instead of making you resistant to stagger and interrupt, it seems to do - nothing. And yet AI opponents are able to take advantage of it, and inactive code has been dug up which makes it work for players as it did in previous games.

So what gives? In a statement given to Kotaku, Bandai Namco passed on the developer's explanation.

"The poise stat is working as intended and is not ‘turned off’ as some fans have theorized. The stat works differently than in past games and is more situational, which seems to be the reason for the confusion.”

It's not clear what "situational" means, but now that the community knows it's not just a bug they may be able to work out how exactly to take advantage of gear that favours poise. From Software has said it won't be making any further comment, so it's up to the hardcore to figure it out.

On the other hand, I wouldn't put it past from Software to include a totally useless stat then not explain the joke; it seemed to delight in the speculation regarding the totally inactive pendant starting gift in Dark Souls, for example, and it must be said that poise was so dominant in PvP meta in past games that it became a little tiresome.

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