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Dark Souls 3 invader is full of hot air

And it's of the flatulent variety.

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Dark Souls 3 invader is full of hot air

Dark Souls PvP can range from solemn duels to the death, to plain silliness (who can forget the Noob Pyromancer in Dark Souls 2), and this one is firmly in the second category.

Meet Shitty Bill, who will run through your game leaving a trail of noxious nuggets in his wake.

Even though I hate PvP in the Souls' series - being an abject coward - invasions can, on occasion, be pretty awesome.

I don't know Shitty Bill's fate. Did they chase him down and butcher him? Did he waft through 77jamajam's world like a fart on the wind, gone but not forgotten? Who knows.

Have you had any amusing encounters on your travels through the kingdom of Lothric? Let us know in the comments.

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