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Dark Souls 3 patch 1.06 data mine suggests no Dark Sword nerf

One of the most mysterious things about Dark Souls 3 is From Software's infuriating approach to patch notes.


Dark Souls 3 patch 1.06 data mine suggests no Dark Sword nerf

Dark Souls 3 updated to regulation version 1.06 recently, but as usual From Software's patch notes were brief and lacking in detail.

As with Super Smash Bros., it's generally left to the community to figure out what exactly has changed. This time, we've been lucky enough to benefit from the efforts of Redditor Textralia, who did some data mining to uncover the general thrust of the patch. Community members then added their own observations. These details can't be considered confirmed and are still hazy, but seem to match both From Software's notes and the general experience of the player base.

One exception is that the official notes said that short swords were being rebalanced, but it looks like From Software actually meant daggers. This is an easy translation error, and it certainly explains why we've seen no changes to the short sword weapon class. So no: the Dark Sword has not been nerfed (yet).

Without going into too many details on individual items and weapons, the main points are:

    Daggers: A 5-10% AR (attack rating) increase across entire family, with specific changes as follows.
  • Parrying Dagger - 10%
  • Dagger - 5%
  • Mail Breaker - 10%
  • Bandit's Knife - 5%
  • Harpe - 10%
  • Rotten Ghru Dagger - 10%
  • Corvian Greatknife - 10%
  • Handmaid's Dagger - 7%
  • Scholar's Candlestick - 10%
  • Tailbone Short Sword - 5%
  • Brigand Twindaggers - 20%
    Dual-Wielding Weapons: Less clear, with no historic data for comparisons, but suspected changes include:
  • Increase in stamina cost for all L1 attacks, limited AR increases to compensate
  • Brigand Twindaggers - 20% increase in listed AR
  • Gotthard Twinswords - possible increase in Guardbreak damage
  • Farron Hail - tighter projectile spread
  • Crystal Hail - fires three volleys instead of one, and projectile damage unchanged
  • Farron Dart and Greater Farron Dart - unconfirmed casting time improvement

As for changes to the Blue Sentinel and Blades of the Darkmon summoning levels, nobody has any compelling evidence that this situations has been improved. Keep farming those Silver Knights in Anor Londo, I guess.

Nothing has changed on the mysteriously inactive poise stat, either. One day.

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