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There could be more Dark Souls 2 DLC on the horizon - rumor

There may be more DLC for Dark Souls 2 on the horizon if a Steam database update is any indication.

In late September, the the last content drop for the The Lost Crowns trilogy was released, but it seems there may be more in store for Dark Souls 2 players.

According to information found in the Steam database and posted on Reddit, code called “testdlc4” was spotted - leading one to believe new content is on the horizon.

Considering prior DLC followed the same pattern (testdlc3) it's quite possible, and previous rumors indicate various events are on slate for early November and close to Christmas. Also rumored is “Unnamed DLC” which is said to be slated for release during Q1 and Q2 2015.

Hit up the Reddit thread and the database link for more information.

Thanks, MCV.

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