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Dark Souls 2 Collector's and Black Armour Editions are available through pre-order only

Both the Dark Souls 2 Black Armour Edition and Collector's Edition will not be able to be purchased in-store, Namco Bandai has clarified.

Both of the collections will only be available through pre-order, and thus the number of collections pressed will be based on said pre-orders.

Therefore, once the collections "are gone, they are gone," according to the firm.

In order to guarantee one of these versions, customers will need to pre-order as they are limited - so be sure to reserve your copy now through your retailer of choice before it's too late.

Dark Souls 2 releases in March 2014 and according to US-retailer GameStop, the Collector's Edition will run you $120 and the Black Armor Edition will cost the standard $59.99.

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