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Dark Souls 2 a direct sequel to first title, may not make 2013

Dark Souls 2 is featured in the latest issue of Edge Magazine, in which the magazine was shown a 10-minute playthrough of the game.

According to the article, the From Software title's graphics are comparable to Ubisoft's Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313, and is a direct sequel to the first title. The world will be around the same size as Dark Souls, but the contents will be more "dense."

The game does not take place on Lordran, but the name of the game world will be revealed at a later date as it is the "key" to the story.

As noted previously, the game will not be directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki but by Another Century's Episode developers Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura instead.

The decision was based on given the game a fresh take, and also due to Miyazaki currently heading another project. Miyazaki will instead be supervising the development, and was the one who suggested the game contain server-based gameplay.

Shibuya plans to make the Covenant system "clearer and more accessible," include a Morality system, and a story with less subtly containing hidden elements therein along with the world at large.

He also believes his previous development experience will enhance the game's action.

Dark Souls 2 is 25% complete, as development started in September 2011. While the team working on it is much larger in size due to the world creation staff almost doubling, it still may not see a 2013 release.

Thanks: NeoGAF, Gematsu.

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