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Dark Matter: Valve pulls game off Steam, GOG offering refunds due to abrupt ending

Dark Matter has been pulled from Steam due to outrage over the game's abrupt ending and incomplete status. Online retailer GOG has also begun issuing refunds to gamers who bought the indie title before October 21.

We reported on the game's abrupt 'to be continued' ending here. As it happens, the game was intended to be longer, but due to its failure on Kickstarter the project became more of an episodic affair. However, those future instalments may not come to pass, much to the dismay of gamers who laid down cash on the title.

New episodes are dependent on the success of previous chapters, and as such, users could be looking at an incomplete game that may never be concluded. That said, developer Interwave is looking to expand upon the first chapter's abrupt cliffhanger.

Now, RPS reports that GOG is offering refunds to those who bought the game before October 21 at 15:00 GMT, while the game has vanished from Steam following what it has called, "a known issue at the end of the game”.

Did you buy Dark Matter? Have you reached the ending? Let us know what you think below.

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