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After the Cyber Monday madness, Walmart releases another great Switch bundle

Did you already buy a Switch bundle for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? You may want to think about returning it with Walmart's new Nintendo Switch bundle. Depending on what you're looking for, this may be the best one yet.

Who knew one of the better Switch bundles of the shopping season would be after Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Apparently Walmart knew, and they have put up a new Nintendo Switch bundle. The Nintendo Switch Bundle with Mario Red Joy-Con, $20 Nintendo eShop Credit, & Carrying Case for $299.99 is basically what it says on the tin. You get the console with the special dark red Joy-Cons, a really nice looking carrying case, and $20 in eShop credit.

However, unlike the Mario Kart 8 bundle that was circulating around earlier, this is the new Switch model with a better battery life. If you're planning to play your Switch on the go, you'll want to get this model. Seriously, the battery life increase is that significant. Also, instead of being locked into Mario Kart 8, you have $20 to spend towards any digital title you want! It just so happens that Nintendo is holding an eShop sale right now, too.

You can also accessorize your Switch! Amazon still has the Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) - Neon Pink / Neon Green for $69.00, and that'll provide more color options for your console as well as extra controllers for multiplayer. If instead, you're looking for more physical game sales... there's not too much left after the big days, but you can still grab AI: The Somnium Files Day One Edition for $29.99.

While this Nintendo Switch bundle only seems to be at Walmart, it does not appear to be a Walmart exclusive, or the retail chain hasn't marked it as such. We may see it pop up at other retailers soon!

If you're in the UK, there's also a new Nintendo Switch bundle for you to grab. This Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 bundle is for the new Switch model and the game, and it's available at multiple retailers:

In short, sometimes it's better to wait until after Cyber Monday for deals! That sort of goes against the point of the sales days, but at least returning the bundles you just bought is an option at most retailers. If you want to see what deals are remaining, check our Cyber Monday deals hub.

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