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Curiosity: Molyneux dreams of 100 million users in one day

Curiosity: What's Inside The Cube? creator Peter Molyneux has laid out his wildest dream for the project: to see 100 million people tapping away at it in one day.

Speaking with TheNextWeb, Molyneux stated, "What we've got written on the wall is that someone - hopefully it's going to be us - will make a game that will touch a hundred million people in a single day."

"Now just imagine that," he asked, "Imagine being part of a team that's going to make something that a hundred million people interact with. That is our obsession, and that is our absolute focus."

On the issue of mobile formats - of which Molyneux is very fond - the developer stated, "The tech world is obsessed with smart devices. That means that all the innovation is going there. If you look at Apple and Samsung and Microsoft, they're all releasing products every month, practically. The poor old consoles go through seven year cycles."

Molyneux added, "That means that the current consoles out there haven't had any new hardware put into them and that makes it more difficult for people to innovate on. I think there will be a new console generation coming very soon. We've got the Nintendo Wii U coming out this holiday so you're going to start seeing some innovation there, but it's been a while."

VG247 interviewed Molyneux recently to discuss his plans for Curiosity and the game it will eventually lead to. It will be developer 22 Cans' one and only release. Check out what he said here.

The cube is about to break through to layer two. It currently looks like this:

Update: We've just spotted that the cube has a congratulatory message for Barack Obama who was re-elected last night. Check it out:

Thanks CVG.

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