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Crytek to bring CryEngine to Wii U

Crytek's confirmed that it'll bring CryEngine to Wii U.

Speaking to Develop, CEO Cevat Yerli confirmed the tech was "pretty much running it already."

Yerli also touched upon how it was expanding CryEngine to other platforms than just Wii U.

"We are expanding in many ways, and some of that is more announced than others. Kinect is major driver for future platforms as well, so Kinect support is important. Having basic Kinect support in the CryEngine is one thing, but I'm talking about really supporting it deeply. CryEngine is going to have deep support," he said.

"Then there are other efforts towards supporting mobile and tablets, which we can only say we are working on. How far we have gone and what we mean is something I can't say more about now."

Wii U was shown for the first time at E3 last week. It'll launch sometime in 2012. Crytek showed off Ryse, the game that was previously known as Codename Kingdom, at the Microsoft press conference as a Kinect hack-and-slash title.

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