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Crytek planning free-to-use CryEngine 3 for developers


Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has revealed that the developer has plans to develop a free-to-use CryEngine 3 for developers, modders and more.

Already, Epic Games gives away its own free-to-use engine of Unreal Engine 3, while the same can also be said for California-based Unity and its Indie Platform. But Yerli says Crytek would like to join the party.

"We have a very vivid community of users and modders and content creators, and usually that’s a great way of unlocking the engine," he told Develop.

"That being said, it’s not the same as what Epic or Unity are currently doing, but we are now pushing harder on this area. We did it before already [with CryEngine 2], but we haven’t pushed it that far yet."

There's more through the link. We spoke to Cevat Yerli last week at the reveal of Crytek's latest game Crysis 2. Get the first part of the interview here, while the second part will go live at some point this week.

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