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CryEngine 5.6 looks like the future in this new tech trailer - here's what a 2020 Crysis could look like

Remember when Crysis came along and melted everyone's PCs? CryEngine 5.6 looks like it could similarly push the envelope in this new tech trailer.

CryEngine 5.6, which is available now, is capable of some pretty tremendous visuals. In this tech video, the capabilities of the new engine are shown off, perhaps giving us a glimpse of what to expect on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

The trailer, embedded below, shows off some of what 5.6 is capable of, and ends on an environment that looks like something out of a modern Crysis (a direct follow-up to the original, even, complete with island setting).

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The trailer shows off the engine's realtime volumetric fog and dynamic lighting across numerous environments, as well as cool effects like object-based motion blur, accurate sunlight shards, and physically simulated ropes (shown off by a zombie walking between some hooks on ropes, because videogames are weird). It's weird how exciting something like 'vegetation touch bending' (where plants bend realistically when touched by people or objects) is when it looks this realistic.

The trailer jumps between numerous tremendously attractive environments and objects, showing off how good the CryEngine is for things like cloth and chainlinks, as well as the engine's full-body ragdoll effects.

Of course, you really need to watch the video to fully understand why this is exciting, but you'll see some spectacular results being pumped out. It's nice to see Crytek in good shape.

Crytek's most recent release is Hunt: Showdown, which runs on CryEngine 5.

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