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Crackdown 2 team kicks off PS4 career with Hollowpoint

Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games has ended its exclusive relationship with Microsoft, announcing Hollowpoint for PS4.

Hollowpoint is a co-op action game for up to four players featuring 2D platformer shooting and procedurally generated levels.

Players recruit Operatives to build an Organisation, which will then be hired by warring corporate factions. Operatives have varying abilities and you can switch between them on the fly.

By tackling missions, Organisations earn XP and Credits, which can be used to purchase Abilities, Weapons, Equipment, and Powerups.

Ruffian is pretty keen on the "capitalise it" school of name generation I see.

The game is playable solo, but will apparently require you to team up with friends to take on the most dangerous and lucrative missions.

Hollowpoint is coming via publisher Paradox Interactive, and at this stage has only been announced for PS4, although the terminology used in its PlayStation Blog announcement - "console debut" - suggests that's a temporary state of affairs. No release date has been provided beyond 2015.

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