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Come see us talk about RPGs with Gearbox and Bungie at PAX West

VG247 is hosting three panels this PAX West.

We already made a post for our voice acting panel, in which a panel of famous video game actors give feedback to fan performances. Check that link for the details on that one.

Here's what going on in our other two panels:

The people behind the biggest looter shooters talk about the evolution and dominance of the RPG

This PAX West, come and learn about the rise of RPG mechanics in other genres of games.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a massive uptick in the amount of genres that have adopted RPG mechanics. Many of the most popular shooters now boast damage numbers, stats, and loot, and even Assassin’s Creed has swapped stealth for health (listen, you increase your maximum health in RPGs, the joke works).

In this panel we’ll be talking to developers from Bungie, Gearbox, and more about the rise of the RPG, why it’s so popular, and why certain aspects of the genre lend themselves so well to other genres.

The panel takes place on Sunday, September 1, at 3:00pm in the Sphinx Theatre featuring USGamer and friends.

VG247 presents: Ranking all Final Fantasy games from worst to best

What are video games good for? Escapism? No. Fun? What is fun? Video games are good for one thing: arguments.

In this panel, a handful of us will have an argument about which Final Fantasy game is the best. We’ll probably end it with a massive brawl. The best one is FF7, by the way.

Come and share your opinions and heckle our panel, featuring Mike Drucker, Ginny Woo, and Alex Donaldson.

The panel takes place on Friday, August 29, at 6:00pm in the Sphinx Theatre featuring USGamer and friends.

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