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Co-op survival game The Wild Eight goes into early access next week on Steam

After hitting its Kickstarter goal last spring, The Wild Eight is finally going into early access.

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The procedurally-generated co-op survival game created by Eight Points, is set in Alaska and players will need to brave the mystery and danger together in teams of eight. These can be random players online or you and seven friends.

Along with exploring, players will hunt, gather food, craft and do their best to survive the hostile environment they've been thrust into thanks to a harrowing plane crash. Hunting and crafting skills can be upgraded when visiting the group's shelter.

Players can either stick together or strike out on their own. It might be best to stay close to friends, since there are mutated wolves to contend with along with freezing temperatures at night. Plus, they will need someone to help tend to any severe wound because sometimes, even a scratch can be a life or death situation in the wilderness.

And let's not forget there's a mad man on the loose during all of this. Sheesh. Better to have died in the plane crash I reckon. Okay, not really.

The area where the survivors are stranded contains various deserted buildings, some with laboratories, providing players with a mystery to be solved. Players also need to figure out why their plane crashed, because it wasn't pilot error, apparently.

If you like, you can download a demo of the game through GameJolt, but know it's a single-player only demo. Also, be sure to check out some of the game characters through the developer posts on the Steam page.

The Wild Eight releases through Steam Early Access on February 8, and it is also in development for PS4 and Xbox One.

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