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3D Realms was working on a co-op Aliens game before the Disney/Fox merger

Before 21st Century Fox was acquired by Disney, the company was in talks with several developers to work on potential Alien games.

Frederik Schreiber, 3D Realms vice president, revealed on Twitter that the studio, along with Slipgate, were in talks with Fox to develop a four-player co-op, PvE game based on the Alien series.

The game was called Aliens: Hadley's Hope, and was in pre-production before Disney acquired 21st Century Fox and the project was cancelled. Schreiber shared a brief look at the game's official pitch on Twitter.

"A misfitting mix of colonists and marines fight together for their lives against a protective alien queen who's willing to do whatever it takes to safeguard her eggs," the pitch reads.

"Players group up to battle the alien queen and her relentless swarm of alien protectors. The game requires teamwork and tactics in order to make progress through each level. Only after surviving several levels will the team face off against an alien queen in her well guarded lair," it goes on.

Schreiber was replying to a Cliff Bleszinski tweet where the former designer and studio head also said his defunct Boss Key Productions was in talks to create a new Aliens game.

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