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Cloud Storage feature revealed for Xbox Live

Microsoft's announced a few additional details in a press release sent out to recap its E3 2011 announcements.

Most interesting out of the lot, is the introduction of a cloud storage feature for Xbox Live, which will allow gamers to access their Live account and games from any Xbox 360 console.

“We are making it easier for you to sign into your Xbox LIVE account from any console at any time to access your game saves and full profile, including items such as Microsoft Points to make purchases, Achievements and friends,” explained Marc Whitten, VP of Xbox Live.

“Cloud storage will allow you to enjoy the same great Xbox LIVE gaming experience even when you’re not in your own living room by giving you the option to store your 'game saves' securely in the Xbox LIVE cloud instead of on a portable memory unit or your console’s hard drive.”

The service is also getting enhanced Facebook functionality for game invites, introducing a new Beacons feature. This enables players to tag certain title which they play regularly, allowing their friends to invite them regardless of whatever they're doing at the time, such as viewing a film on Netflix.

“By setting a Beacon, you tell Xbox LIVE what you want to play. Then, Xbox LIVE lets you know when friends are playing or want to play the same game. With Beacons, no matter what you’re currently doing on Xbox LIVE your friends know that it’s ok to ask you to play your Beaconed games,” Whitten continued.

If you missed out on any of Microsoft's announcement, head over here to get a recap.

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