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CES 2011 sees 10 percent attendance increase over 2010

ballmer kinect ces

CES organisers have announced this year's event has seen a 10 percent increase in attandence over that of 2010.

Actual attendance figure was at 140,000 people, according to VentureBeat. Last year's attendance was at 126,000.

The biggest in the past five years has been 152,203 in 2006.

While the event is primarily not held for gaming, two platform holders, Microsoft and Sony, brought gaming-related news to the show.

Microsoft announced at its keynote it had sold 8 million Kinect units in its first two months on sale worldwide, as well as announcing Avatar Kinect.

It also confirmed it had sold 50 million Xbox 360s worldwide with a 30 million-strong Xbox Live to boot.

Sony, meanwhile, took the time to announce it had 60 million PSN users worldwide.

Many gaming-related tech was also shown at the event.


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