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Carmack: "I doubt we're going to do another IP" in the next decade


John Carmack has said id Software doesn't plan on creating a new IP for "at least a decade".

Speaking in the latest edition of Official PlayStation Magazine (via CVG), Carmack said the studios intent is to support its current title instead.

"We do already have more IPs than we can exploit," he said. "I doubt we're going to do another IP. It's scary to say it, but maybe not in the next decade even, because we want to support Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake - and hopefully we can add Rage onto that - and I don't want five teams here. Three is scary enough.

"Obviously if Rage is a success then we'll want to do a Rage 2. If people love it, you want to give them more of it."

Carmack is scheduled to speak at QuakeCon in about 30 minutes, and he's promised to reveal "something neat and unannounced".

Hopefully he'll elaborate on this nothing new for a decade bit.

Nathan will be liveblogging it. Stick around.

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