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Capcom cancels blood-filled swimming pool marketing stunt after Woolwich attack

Capcom has cancelled a Resident Evil: Revelations marketing stunt, which would see an open air swimming pool filled with fake blood and fake human torsos, following an alleged terrorist attack in Woolwich yesterday.

The pool near Hackney Wick Station was to be manned by zombified lifeguards, and feature intestines for lane markers.

Eurogamer reports that Capcom issued the following statement on the matter:

"In light of yesterday's sad events we're cancelling our Revelations pool event. Thank you for your understanding."

The Woolwich attacks saw one man killed, and two arrested near an army barracks, and is being treated by the UK government as a suspected terrorist act.

What do you make of the stunt and Capcom's decision to cancel it? Let us know below.

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