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Candy Box developer releases ASCII advergame Lucky Peach

Lucky Peach is the new text-based ASCII game from Candy Box developer Aniwey. it's an advergame that has launched alongside a food and travel journal.

Brenna recently wrote a neat feature on Candy Box, a strange text game that opens up with new ideas the more you prod and poke it. It's really quite intriguing.

Lucky Peach commemorates the seventh edition of the Journal of Food and Writing's travel issue, published by McSweeney. It's an action game in which you steer a boat over oceans named after various foodstuffs, while dodging objects. The more junk food you collect, the more weight and points you gain, while healthy foods deplete your score.

We can't help but feel there's some kind of ironic subtext at play here, but if you navigate the waters you will reach an island full of minigames.

You can play Lucky Peach here to see what it's all about. If you're a fan of indie quirk, then we suggest you set sail.

Thanks IndieGames.

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