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Canadian new game prices jump to $75

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Canadian gamers are in for an unpleasant price hike.

As spotted by HardcoreGamer, the local Canadian branches of Amazon and EB Games have raised the prices of upcoming games to CAD$75.

The CAD$5 increasing comes within a year of prices hitting the CAD$70 point.

CAD$75 (£38/€53) currently exchanges for $60, the standard US pricing. The change is likely due to to fluctuation in currency value, but since that doesn't mean local wages go up, from a consumer perspective it's just less cash in their pockets.

Standard new release console game RRPs are also pretty expensive in the UK at £50 ($77/€70), Europe at €70 ($78/£50), and Australia at AUD$110 ($85/£55/€75).

Oh, hell - they're expensive everywhere and none of us are getting paid enough.

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