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You can dress Doom Slayer as a unicorn in Doom Eternal

You can personalize Doom Slayer in Doom Eternal - even as a unicorn if that floats your boat.

For a limited time, if you are a Twitch Prime member, you can get the exclusive DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection for Doom Eternal.

You just need to link it to your account and claim this collection of skins, player animations, and upgradeable podium.

There's more than just the unicorn, however, because you will unlock various skins, animations, and podiums just by playing the game. You can then use photo mode to show off your nifty looks. You can also personalize your Doon Slater and playable demons in Battlemode.

The game will run at 60 fps on all consoles save for Switch, which will run at 30 fps. PC users can expect much more than that providing they have the hardware.

It’s out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 20 and the Nintendo Switch port will become available later in the year.


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