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Camarillo: Crysis 2 is PC brought to consoles, "not the other way around"

Soothing an inflammatory comment about ripping CryEngine apart for multiplatform development, Crytek's Nathan Camarillo has said nevertheless, Crysis 2 is built to the PC's strengths, not for consoles.

"Fundamentally, we're starting from our PC roots and then … wrangling the consoles to our will to create that kind of gameplay and gameplay experience on consoles," he told

"… not the other way around. We're not gonna get a console game and bring it to PC."

Camarillo confirmed high end PC versions "of course" look better than either console platform, citing increased texture memory, greater processing power, and greater than HD resolutions.

"[The console versions] look awesome, but [the Xbox 360 is] a five year old piece of hardware technology. The PC version with everything maxed out is absolutely mind blowing."

The executive producer also repeated his comment regarding CryEngine, this time saying the team tore its guts out.

Crysis 2 released in the US today and arrives in Europe on Friday. Early reviews suggest it is wholly splendid.

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