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Crytek had to 'rip CryEngine apart' for multi-platform

Crytek's Nathan Camarillo has spoken on the challenges of multi-platform development for a series lauded as a PC benchmark.

As part of a round-table conference call, as reported by GameShark, the executive producer said going multi-platform with the PC-centric series was challenging - but PC development isn't easy, either.

"We had to take CryEngine 3 and rip it apart and re-architect a lot of the engine to support multi-platform," he said.

"It's a tall order to do all of that; simultaneously building a game while the engine is being constructed underneath it.

"Just on the PC version alone, between the six different specifications we have, there are 171 different meaningful variables that are behind the scenes adjusted between the different specifications, and even more that aren't that meaningful.

"We have a wide spectrum of configurations there that really take advantage of the latest hardware."

Camarillo also commented on PC gaming's bugbear, and Crytek's future use of DRM

"I know there's a lot of negative feelings toward DRM. But, I mean, what are we supposed to do? The actions of a few are causing maybe a mild inconvenience for others.

"If I'm playing a game and it has DRM on it, do I notice? Not really. ... So, it's something that we'll have to look at in the future."

Crysis 2 releases tomorrow in the US and Friday in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC.

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