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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PC performance patch update out now

Black Ops 3 has been patched twice in quick succession. How's that going for you?

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A new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PC patch dropped over the weekend, aimed at improving performance.

The 520MB update hasn't been advertised through Treyarch and Call of Duty's general community channels - probably because of the weekend timing - so there are no patch notes. A brief Steam Community note highlights "bug fixes and performance improvements".

Browsing replies to Treyarch development director pcdev's announcement tweet, it looks like some users are still experiencing problems getting the shooter to run smoothly on their gaming rigs, unfortunately.

The PC-specific update follows the Game Settings Update for PC, PS4 and Xbox One patch last week. Here's what that one delivered:

  • Spawn locations altered in Free for All and Gun Game
  • Anti-Up issue in Arena mode has been fixed
  • Issues with some challenges have been fixed
  • Increased the amount of score earned in Search & Destroy as well as XP earned per kill (from 250 to 500)
  • Solo games in Zombies mode should no longer be joinable

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